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What are the differences between Technical Representatives and Salespersons?

Technical Representatives are persons who are employed by Insurance Intermediaries (Agents & Brokers) who are stationed in the office and handles insurance matters. see below definition of Technical Representatives;
“technical representative” means an individual, other than one performing clerical or non insurance related functions, and who is employed by an insurer, broker or agent, who provides advice to a policyholder or potential policyholder on insurance matters, or negotiates or arranges contracts of insurance on behalf of an insurer, broker, or agent;
Salespersons can be employed with either a long term insurer, Agent, or Broker. They can be employed or commissioned. In addition, they go out of office to solicit business and take application. See below definition of Sales person;
“Salesperson” means a licensed individual engaged by either a registered insurer or registered insurance intermediary to sell insurance products, and whose primary responsibility is to solicit applications relative thereto;