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ICB at Business Insurance World Captive Forum

Members of the Management Team of the Insurance Commission of the Bahamas leadership attended the Business Insurance Word Captive Forum in Orlando, Florida. Representing the Commission was Dana L. Munnings Gray, Superintendent of Insurance (Acting), Yolande Rolle, Manager, Policies, Research and Practice, Jamell Bodie, Manager, Supervision.

The 33rd edition of the World Captive Forum provided attendees with meaningful networking opportunities and high-caliber education sessions. Members of the Commission, along with other Bahamian representatives, hosted a roundtable session to discuss The Bahamas as a Captive Domicile. The Business World Captive Forum hosted over 520 attendees at this year's conference. Of the attendees, 32% are current or prospective captive owners and 28% held C-Suite or VP titles.

*Captive Insurance is a type of self-insurance where a company creates a subsidiary insurance company to provide insurance coverage for itself.

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