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Can long term companies use their sales force to sell general products?

posted Jun 23, 2011, 3:36 PM by Patrice Rolle

For clarity; Regs, 126 states that Salespersons can only have one employer, and Regs 124 clearly states that Long Term company can only use sales force for that product and Agents, brokers, sub-Agents can only be used to sell general insurance products:

With regard to the utilization of salespersons

(a)     life and health insurance companies shall continue to utilize their own

Tied‖ or ―Commissioned‖ sales forces, of which each member must

be registered by the Commission;

(b)     property  and  casualty  insurance  companies  may  only  sell  their products through registered agents, sub-agents, and brokers;

(c)     registered  agents,  sub-agents,  and  brokers  selling  property  and

casualty  insurance  products  may  utilize  Tied‖,   ―Employed‖   or

―Commissioned   salespersons,   and   such   salespersons   must   be

registered by the Commission.